About PriorPoint - Disaster Recovery and Cloud Computing

Much of the crucial data concerning our personal and professional lives exist as fragments of gigabytes inside the hardware of a computer.

Unfortunately, we cannot delink the reality that information is prone to loss or damage due to natural calamities, crashed storage devices, sudden fire, or cyber thefts. Hardware drives can fail without warning, heightening the critical need for pre and post recovery backup solutions.

The emphasis is on speedy recovery solutions that are cloud based, virtual and easily available. Myrtle Beach-based Priorpoint addresses these challenges and specializes in cloud backup, private or semiprivate cloud hosting and virtualization services along with proper documentation, and periodic liability testing while ensuring privacy and adherence to security standards.

“In our experience, treating backup and recovery as a managed service, provides a much more reliable and positive experience for our customers,” notes Jason A. Casey, CEO, Priorpoint.

Casey’s two decades of experience in the IT space has helped him leverage his rich knowledge and explore avenues in disaster recovery solutions, storage architecture, and network design.

Since Priorpoint’s inception, the firm has been a pioneer in the cloud back up and disaster recovery market offering a wide range of services.

“We build relationships with our clients that allow us to function as an extension of their team in our core competency: service,” says Casey. Priorpoint’s cloud back up services for virtual servers can recover entire servers in as little as two minutes. “Priorpoint is able to deliver an incredibly short Recovery Time Objective (RTO) at a very cost effective price point,” adds Casey. The service also enables the recovery of individual files or entire directories from the same backup set. The firm also facilitates recovery of application specific data such a MS Exchange Mailboxes, databases and individual mailbox items, MS SharePoint, Oracle databases and can encompass local and cloud copies. 

Moving forward, the firm is ardent about continuing to improve their virtual and cloud based disaster recovery services. “We constantly seek to enhance or add feature sets that improve the reliability and scope of data recovery,” concludes Casey.

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