CCU MBA Student Creates Concept for Educational Game Application

"It's all about having the opportunity to pick subjects that matter to you, and run with them as far as you wish."

This was the response from Michael Rives when asked where the brand name SubjectMatter came from.  Michael Rives is an MBA student at Coastal Carolina University, and his undergraduate degree was in business and entrepreneurial management.  He made some waves at last year's pitch competition hosted at the Wall College of Business.

That wave-maker was SubjectMatter: A brand of mobile board games that would allow kids to play with their favorite subjects at school.  The product that he proposed as his first was a personal finance management game.  

This game would simulate real world experiences that would develop or diminish your cash as you make rounds through the board's path.  These experiences include paying for tuition, which later in the game would boost your income when you land on a job.  It also includes a bank and options to gain interest by making your cash unavailable for the next round on the board.

Michael's inspiration for building this game was a lesson learned the hard way:  "I worked at an airbrush shop at Broadway at the Beach one summer when I was in high school.  The hours were long but at the end of the summer I had made about $10k.  The only problem was that I had already blown it all on dinners out and purses for my girlfriend."

Design objectives for the game are to keep it consistently engaging, competitive, and strategic.  Players can choose to compete with friends, or classrooms could even compete with other classrooms around the globe.  When bringing it to market, Rives plans to target middle and high school classrooms.

When asked about revenue, Michael replied that he "wants to make something that adds value, and then figure out a way to make money from it later."  He is currently looking for technical partners to develop the game.

To meet Michael, or learn more about the game attend Pitch Night on September 14th at 6pm in the Grand 14 Theater at Market Common.  Click here to register. Seats are filling up!