New Wordpress Meetup Launches on the Grand Strand

To say that WordPress is a CMS powerhouse would be an understatement. In June of this year, it was noted that 26% of websites around the world are made with WordPress. Needless to say, for a large portion of businesses on the Grand Strand and around the world, WordPress is the website management system of choice.  

WordPress is favored by businesses because it is customizable, easy to use for the non-developer, and can easily sync with other pieces of your daily operations. 

So how does one dive into using WordPress?

One explorative step at a time. 

Enter Lauren Jeffcoat, founder of the Grand Strand's brand new Wordpress User Group. Lauren works remotely from Surfside, SC for an overseas WP Plugin development agency - and is excitedly launching this Meetup for Grand Strand locals of any experience level!

"If you are experienced in WordPress, we'd love to have you come share your knowledge. If you are new or have never even heard of WordPress, stop by and see what the buzz is all about." - Lauren Jeffcoat

Your can find the details of the launch party (hosted at the Grand Strand Tech Council) here:


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