Myrtle Beach Entrepreneur Invents a Personal Shopper that Watches TV With You

Have you ever been watching your favorite TV show and thinking, “Can I have those shoes?” or “How much would those kitchen lights cost in real life?”

What if your TV responded and gave you the opportunity to get them for yourself by sending the product information directly to your phone?

This is the reality that EyeBuy has created.  This new company has invented technology that will silently talk with your TV and send push notifications of products that fit your customized buying preferences.

“Much like you would experience on Pandora, your consumer profile will help EyeBuy make better recommendations every time it gets a chance to learn about your buying behavior.  Not only will it change what buying opportunities are placed in front of you, but it can also change the frequency that it talks to you. This way it always feels helpful and never feels like spam.  The nice part is that we function as an invisible app.  After first install you never have to worry about turning it on and off,” said Paul Mijac, one of the co-founders of EyeBuy.

Paul Mijac lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with his wife.  He originally moved to the Grand Strand to open a laser tag arena after engineering a new laser gun product.  Many years down the road he met a man named Todd Coulter while at a conference in Puerto Rico.  They started working on new technologies together, beginning in the electronic wallet industry.  They still own patents in that space, and have applied some of those technologies to the beta version of EyeBuy.  Together Todd and Paul built the team that is now creating the future of shopping at home.

Now, instead of having to go to the computer and research the products that you plan to purchase, the information will be pushed to you and accessed at your convenience.

“We are aware of the creep factor that is always in question with new technologies that use personal data like this.  What makes us safe is the fact that we are not interested in gathering data on what you do and see.  We are first and foremost interested in serving you the information that you are interested in having.  Even though, people are getting more and more used to having a microphone on culture, we are still building a product that only functions in a consent environment.” Mijac explained.

Paul shared with us that the process of developing a good product that will do such an abstract thing as communication between you and the TV was more like a series of bang-your-head-against-a-wall-prototypes.

“Talking to a television is like talking to an elephant. It is incredibly interesting, but also very slow moving,” he mentioned.

To learn more about EyeBuy or get a firsthand experience of this new technology, attend the upcoming Grand Strand Tech Pitch Night at the Grand 14 Cinema at Market Common on September 14th at 6pm. To register, visit

Originally published in September 2016 VIP Magazine.