Grand Strand Retail Tech Company Launches New Data Security Division

C&K Systems, a global provider of secure, cloud based retail point of sale technology, announced today the launch of, InDefense Security,  a new Cyber Security division to help combat the growing cyber and data security threats that all businesses face today. With malware, viruses and ransomware affecting small businesses to large corporations here in the Grand Strand and across the globe, InDefense’s security products and services provide a first line of defense both before and after a data breach or compromise.  Computers are an integral part of our everyday lives," notes Tom Pires, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for InDefense.

"InDefense helps it's clients understand the need for security and helps design and deploy secure solutions. Our experiences based in helping retailers cope with the difficult credit card regulations, provide a baseline security that can be applied to all businesses. "

InDefense products and services go beyond a reactive, “clean-up” approach to cyber data security. Their services also assist business owners in understanding their current security risks and vulnerabilities as well as provide a path to a stronger overall security posture for conducting business with security best practices in place.  These include cyber risk and vulnerability assessments, regulatory compliance assistance, and on-going security awareness education, to name a few. 

“Our real world experience and security training has provided us with an opportunity to provide these valuable data security services to a diverse group of businesses here in the Grand Strand and beyond,” notes Kevin Bowden, CEO and Founder of C&K Systems. “These include the payment card industry, other retail technology providers, the banking industry, as well as cyber defense law firms.”

To learn more about InDefense Security, visit or contact Eileen Hickey: