New Hyper Local Vacation Booking Platform Launches on Grand Strand

On June 27, 2016 - Justin Urich launched  It is a vacation platform that, unlike VRBO or AirBnB, is focused on one region: The Grand Strand of South Carolina.  The team at is made up of "Travel Experts" who will serve the customer in planning for their vacation however they wish.  Instead of just booking a condo in North Myrtle Beach, customers can also ask their local travel expert to make dining recommendations, book attractions, or even service any issues directly on-site.

Justin Urich with fiancé Ashley.

Justin Urich with fiancé Ashley.

"The goal of SoCoastal is to focus on serving people to our fullest potential in one area," says Justin Urich, who has a career background in travel platforms within this same area.  He is not only the founder of the business, but also the developer of the platform.

SoCoastal also brags that there are no booking/service fees or added costs to the listing price the customer sees while browsing. This is just another way that SoCoastal intends to tell the customer that their first priority is bringing them the most ease and convenience during their vacation.

From here, they do intend to scale by expanding to new regions, but not until they feel like they have perfected their capabilities through the customer experience in this area.  To learn more about this business, visit