MYR company writes software to test your software

Bug. It is a dreaded word for application developers. Rounds of testing for bugs in a software application that has just been written can be a tedious process, and can take up hours on hours of billable time for the company. This is why Patrick Quilter started Quilmont, a company specializing in automated testing, software development, and learning management.  

Quilmont has had projects of all different kinds of scope.  They have worked with startups, government contracts, and even large, fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Geico.

Patrick recently spoke at 1 Million Cups Grand Strand, where he explained:

"Application development is a cyclical process and the viability of your application depends on how quickly, efficiently, and effectively you get your product through the Software Development Life Cycle. Testing your application for quality is essential to the longevity of the product. With requirements changing daily and application releases occurring more frequently, manual testing and analysis of applications is becoming a daunting task. Our solution is to write a program to test your app. Through a process called Continuous Integration we increase quality and reduce development costs as well as the cost of producing a flawed application."

Patrick later shared that speaking at 1 Million Cups was a fantastic opportunity for him to learn more about what startups on the Grand Strand really needed from his company!  Here is a locals offer that he has put together for the Grand Strand.

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