Myrtle Beach MakerSpace to hold Open House

The makerspace movement is still gaining momentum around the world, as shared community spaces, resource co-operatives, and the sharing economy continue to expand.  To put it simply, makerspaces are community spaces with equipment and project ideas to share with anyone interested in being a member.


SubProto, a local makerspace, will be hosting an open house from 10AM to 4PM on Saturday, May 28. SubProto is located at 3926 Wesley St Suite 403 in Myrtle Beach, SC 29579.  They will be giving a tour of the space and demonstrating some of the technologies that makerspace members have shared access to, including:

* 3D printers

* Desktop CNC mill

* Laser engraver/cutter

* Electronics workstation/parts

* Wood/metalworking tools

* Sewing machine

* Biohacking lab

* Our tech library with 150+ books

* Pancake printer