Skills and Stories for Entrepreneurs: A Conway Innovation Center Event Series

Conway Innovation Center has started a new event series titled, “Skills and Stories for Entrepreneurs.”

The 5th T Innovation Group, Conway Innovation Center and Georgetown Innovation Center are holding monthly gatherings to hear stories from successful entrepreneurs. Each meeting will feature two speakers: The first will introduce a skill subject, and the second speaker will share how they built a successful business using that skillset. Afterwards, there will be time for networking with speakers and peers, and of course a beer.

May's topic: Social Media.

What are the best sites? What is cost effective? How do I access and be successful using Social Media?

Brent Reser is the Social Media and Online Marketing Coordinator for Coastal Carolina. He will be sharing his intuition on what he does for CCU, and what Social Media sites he thinks are most effective.

And then Thomas Lucas, owner of the Bottle Shop, will provide insight and knowledge on how to inexpensively promote and grow a business using Social Media. 

The event will be held on May 17, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at the Bottle Shop in Downtown Conway, 1015 4th Ave. 

Light refreshments will be provided, along with great craft beers and wine available for purchase.