MyKidPass: Local App Grows Rapidly!

Tom Polk has two young daughters, who are just like most kids - They want to explore as many different activities as possible. Soccer, Gymnastics, Dance, Karate... and the list goes on, but those activities become very expensive things to drop if your child decides that it isn't for them!

This situation is what inspired Tom and his Wife to create MyKidPass.

With MyKidpass, parents can reserve all kinds of kids activities happening around town - activities that match their kid's interests that very day!


MyKidpass is an application that allows parents to browse and reserve spots in activities all over the Carolinas, and it was developed right here on the Grand Strand! Kids enjoy activities like sports, music, arts, crafts, dance, outdoors, amusements, and the list goes on. MyKidpass allows kids to enjoy countless activities starting at a subscription of just $19 a month!

Tom Polk recently shared his company with a local audience at Pitch Night, and then again at 1 Million Cups and expressed the fast expansion that they are experiencing.  New organizations and families are joining the network each week, and they are now strategizing entry into new geographical markets. With a digital advertising, design, and development background, Tom developed the app himself.  He and his wife run the business and are in the process of growing their team!