Working from Home in Myrtle Beach (Pants Optional)

Imagine living on an east coast beach while getting paid a west coast salary, commuting all the way from your bed to your home office, setting your own dress code (pants optional), and absolutely loving logging in to have a morning chat with your coworkers every day.

Well this is what life is like for Amber, who lives in her Surfside townhouse and works remotely for SugarCRM, a global software company headquartered in Silicon Valley. The office that she reports to however, is in Munich, Germany.

"I wake up at 3am and send a good morning message to my team in Munich every day. I know 3am sounds early, but you get used to it.  The best part is that my workday is done at noon. I usually head down to the beach to take a nap, and then spend the rest of the afternoon however I wish!"

Lauren also collaborates with a team around the world right from her home office on the Grand Strand.  She works for On The Go Systems (a Wordpress plugin developer based in Greece), and couldn't be happier with the way that her life has changed with a remote working career.

"After having my son, I quickly realized the cost of daycare would take a large portion of any paycheck I could make working in my field.  Working from home has allowed me spend quality time with my son, forego the cost of having someone else watch him... and still have a career!"

It turns out that these careers are not as rare on the Grand Strand as one might think! There are people who move here with their remote careers to maximize on their quality of life while maintaining an affordable cost of living.

PC Matic is a security software that grossed $13M last year.  They have 42 remote employees in 10 different states, and their Founder/CEO, Rob Cheng, lives and works right here in Myrtle Beach along with 11 other PC Matic employees in the Grand Strand area.  He noted the essential detail that has contributed to the remote working explosion in the last decade: The accessibility of broadband.

Since then, companies have been building their businesses with a remote working culture in their DNA.  Most remote workers agree that it requires some intentionality to have a healthy "remote working culture." Cameron works from his home in The Market Common as a UX Designer for a software company in Northern Virginia called HRWorx. He explained how his team's communication strategy keeps everyone in sync.

"HRworx relies heavily on Skype for our primary communication. Every day we have an 11am Skype call to go over any topics that may need to be addressed that day - this helps keep our small team aligned throughout each day. We also utilize tools like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc to collaborate on documentation."

Lauren also noted on the hiring method that her company takes on to structure for a healthy remote working environment,

"I think the employers that understand the benefit of having remote workers also have this high sense of trust. And a keen awareness of people that don’t have to be micromanaged."

Thinking about applying for a remote working career?  Well these seasoned remote workers have some advice for you:

1. Look for companies that have a good track record with remote workers. There are a lot of remote jobs available, but not all of them are quality jobs! For more on this check out, and

2. Take online certifications tests that will prove your proficiency in your field. Having a grade on your LinkedIn Profile in software proficiencies will help your chances!

3. Make sure you have a strong web presence for these companies to learn about you.  Your job market competition opens up to the entire world once you go remote! It has become even more important to showcase your talent.

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