Robotics Team Engineers Creative Halloween Costumes for WheelChair Bound

The Socastee High School Robotics Team has been busy this Halloween season making costumes for three of their friends who get around using wheels.  The team wanted to give these three kids costumes that they could get about, and would fit them uniquely.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of the team fitting Knox for his baseball costume!

In the article above, Kyle Myres (math teacher and robotics coach at Socastee HS) told the Sun News: 

“We were looking for some things that maybe we could do in the off season, and I had been looking around at sort of things that might be sort of robotics related and found … making Halloween costumes for kids with wheelchairs."

Every school in Horry County School District has a robotics team.  These teams build and program a robot for 6 weeks in the spring to compete in challenges with teams from around the world, right here at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center each year.  

The competition draws thousands to this area each year, and is a display of some of the best tech and engineering creativity, ingenuity, and talent of this future workforce generation.

Some schools, like Socastee, go above and beyond as a team to put their skills to work during the off-season and make our community a better place with their contributions.

The robotics programs in each school are supported by teachers, local engineering mentors, businesses in the community, and an initiative of the Grand Strand Technology Council called the Robotics Support Committee. 

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